Mihai Constandis Featured On Outsourcing Today

Cognizant Softvision’s Head of Romania Studios, and Country Manager addresses growth plans, and core values.

Mihai Constandis, Cognizant Softvision’s Head of Romania Studios and Country Manager, highlights the lessons learned in 2020 and turning it into the business growth’s drivers in 2021 for one of Romania’s most popular business newspapers, Outsourcing Today. The publication is the first integrated platform where organizations, service providers, advisors and other stakeholders get together to share insights, expertise and projections.  

In the article, Mihai shares that COVID-19 accelerated tech adoption and transformation like never before. “I don’t think we’re going back to business-as-usual. Business travel has been permanently disrupted. We’ve proven that we can collaborate and accomplish a great deal by working remotely. Indeed, COVID-19 accelerated tech adoption and transformation like never before.”

Diving further into the Cognizant Softvision workspace culture, “The Place To Be,” Mihai explained, “We want to continue to nurture a culture of empowerment and evolution to meet the individual needs and preferences of our existing staff, along with the growing creative technology talent throughout Romania. The past 12 months have led us to recognize that our employees value the flexibility a remote working solution provides, and we are excited to offer this option going forward as an element of our culture. The Cognizant Softvision studios will continue as our Regional Command Centers, places to gather to create connections, products and friendships. Our studios will be “The Place To Be” for heads-up work, meet-ups, or events that impact and disrupt the tech industry. They will serve as centers of excellence for innovation.”

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