Merchandise Planning as a Service: Provide the right assortment mix to your customers

Merchandise planning may be the hardest task in retailing. The ideal plan reflects the perfect balance of art and science, analytics and creativity. Retailers agree that it is hard to hire, train and retain enough talented people with this blend of skills to ensure consistent high quality planning.

Softvision has created a unique consulting group of planning professionals oriented to provide a retailer’s merchandising organization with a series of services designed to assist in the creation of Assortment Plans as well as Purchase Order preparation. The primary objective is to assort merchandise consistently with the demand factors across sales channels and geographic locations. By utilizing predictive analytics, our tools develop seasonal assortments that truly reflect channel and location demand.

You can turbo charge your merchandising solutions by adding our team of retail planning experts. Led by former Macy’s Vice President, our in-house planning team brings over 20+ years average planning expertise, who can help to ease common frustrations with software implementations and staff turnover. Our MPaaS team provides leadership, best practices and system expertise with merchandise planning processes, allowing your internal merchandising team to focus on value-add content and decision-making rather than get bogged down with the analytics, statistical models and systems.

MPaaS model in 5 steps:

  1. MPaaS delivers historical evaluation of last year’s assortment
  2. Client defines business objectives and financial goals for upcoming season
  3. MPaaS creates optimal wedge recommendation based off financial targets and store demand
  4. Client’s merchant team updates assortment plan by replacing placeholder styles with actual styles, costs, etc
  5. MPaaS applies Size & Pack optimization to plan in preparation for purchase order

Ultimately, overall merchandise performance will improve by increasing gross margins, mitigating lost sales from stock outs, and providing a higher level of customer satisfaction through an improved understanding of demographic profiles by channel and location. As an added benefit, the system’s support structure connects directly to the retailer’s ERP infrastructure and enables all processes to work seamlessly while avoiding redundant data, optimizing critical business processes within the merchandise organization.

Interested in adding Softvision’s experts to your Merchandise Planning team?

For more information, contact:
Jim Mason
VP, Retail Products

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