Making Gamification Fun and Accessible to Everyone

Why and how to integrate gaming into your organization

Gamification has come a long way, yet successfully incorporating game mechanics to motivate participation takes time.  At Softvision, we are committed to delivering sustainable innovation to our clients. Softvision instituted Game of Pods globally as a fun way to motivate everyone to provide timely and superior client service. In the competition, the Pods and their members are rewarded for both their collective and individual contributions through badges & trophies. 

We focus on the output of each Pod, rewarding collective behaviors and achievements that help the pod reach higher efficiency and quality targets. Collective badges are awarded to the Pod while individual badges are awarded to the Pod member. There’s a leaderboard that shows the badges that each Pod earns, their experience points and their trophies. As it is a social tool, the recognitions are celebrated over email and in Workplace, which is shared with all employees. Game of Pods is the epitome of gamification in action and has enabled Softvision to reach a higher level of efficiency and professionalism while challenging Softvisioners to achieve personal goals in a fun, team-oriented process.


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