Machine Learning on Android Workshop

Softvisioners Lead Workshop at Droidcon

Why is machine learning important for smartphones? Join Softvisioners Mihaly Nagy and Anca Ciurte at this Droidcon workshop, “Machine Learning on Android,” to learn how machine learning works and how you can integrate it into your mobile apps effectively and efficiently.

Traditionally, machine learning has been associated with huge storage space and high-powered GPU machines. However, it can be expensive and time-consuming to send the data to such a device through a network connection. Running on mobile makes it possible to deliver interactive and real time applications in a way that’s not possible when depending on the internet connection.

In this workshop, Mihaly and Anca go through all the steps required to build a custom model of object detection in Tensorflow, from gathering and labeling data to training and testing the model. Also, see first hand how to set up the model to run on your personal mobile devices using Tensorflow Lite, which is currently the most common deep learning solution for mobile platforms.

When: September 21, 22, 2018

Where: Droidcon Romania

Presenters:  Mihaly Nagy, Android Community Influencer at Softvision
Anca Ciurte, AI Team Lead at Softvision

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