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A helpful guide that shares the top tools to make coding easier and faster

As developers, many times we don’t want to just type syntax for everything or search for images, for example. Nor we would create icons or images every time. So, we hunt for tools that make the coding process easier and faster. These “helper” tools can be used in our day-to-day life to minimize coding or searching time.

These “happy to help” tools are available over the internet, but we have to ask, “Which of these tools would be best to use or give the desired result?”

As a Full Stack Web Developer at Cognizant Softvision’s Ahmedabad Studio, I have weeded through the myriad tools to decipher which are the best, most useful tools. Read on to discover my findings and stop wasting valuable time searching for tools. 




For any front-end developer, HTML is a basic required technology. Below are some tools that could be especially useful for freshers, which can help when starting with HTML coding.



The second most essential technology is CSS. Here you’ll find some helpful tools to make the tedious task of writing CSS easier and faster.



Code optimization is the most important factor after writing all the code to achieve the best performance of the web and app. There are many factors to take into consideration when working on page performance.



It is hard to imagine a site or an app without graphics. They really enhance layout and user experience seems more effective. Below are some valuable tools for finding images and icons that are available for free use.


Browser – Add-ons, Extensions

Chrome is undoubtedly a powerful and popular browser with so many inbuilt tools, such as Chrome DevTools, or pretty add-ons or extensions to make your life easier. Firefox and other browsers also have most of these features/tools available.



These different types of generators are useful to quickly get the data you desire.

If we do a Google search, there are many types of other generators available, for example, logo, web template, prototypes, and so on. However, the following are my go-to generators:

Accessibility & Learning

When you develop a web for disability-specific standards these are the most helpful tools for compliance standards.


Most popular tools of 2019

These are the tools that we all might be using daily. They are the most popular tools as per a 2019 survey. Most of these tools have been used in many of my projects.

Your search for the best tools is over. Please refer to this handy guide during your next project. 

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