Komrad: Using AI to Improve User Experience in Game Design


KOMRAD is an interactive fiction game inspired by fundamental principles of AI. Created by Brad Becker, the former Chief Design Officer of IBM Watson, KOMRAD is a RPG that requires the player to converse with and persuade a Soviet AI from 1985 in order to advance the plot. Softvision was brought onboard to help with both the development and design of KOMRAD prior to its app store launch.


Softvision came up with a list of recommendations that would improve the infrastructure and overall user experience of the app. Some of the biggest pain points addressed included the inability for a user to know where they were within the game as well as when they should pause and return. This made the game frustrating to play through as it was difficult to restart the game from your previous location.


To address this pain point, Softvision designed and implemented checkpoints across the storyline in order to segment the game into several chapters. Having checkpoints allowed users to continue gameplay from their most recent chapter and allowed users to pause and return without ambiguity as to where they are in the game. Softvision also enabled Game Center within the app to encourage users to pursue different achievements. Overall, Softvision’ development and design team was able to improve the app and stabilize the game to ensure a smooth user experience.


After submitting to the app store for the iOS 10 launch, KOMRAD was featured in the App Store as “New Games We Love” in over 153 countries (everywhere from United Kingdom to Madagascar). KOMRAD was also featured in several major publications including Rolling Stone, The Verge, WIRED, and Adweek.


Almaz Nanjappa

Almaz Nanjappa

SVP of Innovation Labs
Almaz comes to Softvision with over 17 years of industry experience building high-profile consumer desktop software and embedded systems applications.Previous to working at Softvision, he was CEO of Momentus Software which was acquired by Softvision in 2017.
Almaz Nanjappa
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