The Journey from a CRT Monitor to a Laptop

Tips from a 20 Year Softvisioner

Kiran Shekar, Delivery Director at Softvision’s Mysore Studio, recently celebrated his 20th work anniversary. Kiran’s journey began in 1998 as employee number three, in a small, garage-like space, sitting in front of a bulky CRT monitor.

Many software engineers in India 20 years ago hoped to get the opportunity to work in the US, as there were stringent travel regulations and high costs. In 1999, just a year after he joined, Kiran had already bagged his first opportunity to travel the US. Kiran was placed at Atlanta to work with Macy’s as a Programmer Analyst, and today, 19 years later, he heads the entire Macy’s India delivery.

Kiran continued in the US & Canada for more than 11 years, before returning to the Softvision Mysore Studio in 2011. He was recently promoted to Delivery Director, with a reporting hierarchy of almost 400 people directly and indirectly (which equates to almost half of the population in Mysore!).

Kiran’s success is inspirational, and his years of experience has taught him valuable lessons. Here he shares his tips from his 20 years at Softvision:

  • Continuous learning and innovation are the key drivers to success
  • Perseverance & hard work pays off
  • Be grateful

In 2004, Kiran was allocated a laptop. Coming from his bulky computer and monitor, it felt “like winning the lottery.” Being grateful and appreciative of the “little things” and celebrating small successes keeps you going.

When asked about how he felt about celebrating his 20 year Softvision anniversary, Kiran put it in two words
– “fortunate” and“delighted!”

Congratulations, Kiran!


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