Is the Web Really Open for All?

Insights on web accessibility and tools for auditing

In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we’re highlighting Ioana Chiorean, Project Manager on the QA Community, from Cluj-Napoca studio’s interesting discussion presented earlier this year. 

In February 2020, at FOSDEM 2020 – a free event where thousands of developers of free and open-source software from all over the world gather in Brussels, Ioana talked about how we can do some small adjustments and checks to ensure our products are more accessible.

Starting with the fact that “We live in a world where 1 billion people have a certain form of disability or 15% of the world’s population, experience some form of disability, and disability prevalence is higher for developing countries,” Ioana presented insights on web accessibility and tools for auditing. 

A11y and inclusion are getting more traction nowadays, but people still think that they address only those with disabilities. As a person without any [disabilities] officially, I did find myself in this situation and felt confused about how the web should be (was about to lose money on ticket conferences because I was not seeing the different pricing options and categories). Some developers are a bit defensive saying they don’t have users for whom to build more a11y in or the time to add these features,” says Ioana. She also pointed out that some organizations are in fact building A11y friendly features and how she hopes to bring more awareness. “Showing the devtools Firefox has for it – shows how fast you can check your page and how little it costs to include A11y features. Not knowing all best practices won’t be a blocker – Firefox will give you suggestions!  In a way I wanted to bring attention to A11y and inclusion in a more technical way.” 

Watch here her talk

See the presentation here

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