Inspiring Creativity in Education

An app dedicated to supporting a book trailer competition for students takes center stage

At Cognizant Softvision, we are all about communities. We are better together when we are supporting a common goal. That’s why we’re always looking for new ways of connecting our internal tech communities with local communities that share the same values.  

A culture of continuous learning and development

Education and continuous learning and development is a constant habit in our journey, both on personal career paths and the Cognizant Softvision business approach. As a brand that delivers value to our partners by unique significance and purpose in everything we do, we strive to constantly take in lessons learned.

A recent example of this would be our work with Boovie Festival – and NGO that holds a yearly event dedicated to showcasing book trailers made by the attendees that have been educated and taught how to excel in the subject. The idea, based on partnering with the event, was an app brainchild of one of Cognizant Softvision’s iOS developer, Alex Bartis, based in the Cluj-Napoca studio. Immediately supported by our leadership team, the team set forth of pushing the boundaries of innovation in favor of inspiring creativity. 

Our colleagues use this same approach as they set out to create amazing work from their passions for technology, and are always open to voluntary contribution toward social and educational projects, like the event app. 

An event app embracing the digital age

Boovie app is designed to be very informative, offering exclusive notifications and knowledge share for registered participants in the festival of book-trailers. With about 2,000 students and 250 teachers participating, the challenge was to provide a user-friendly app to let all participants register and browse workshops and events that take place during the three day festival. Additionally, the app would provide an easy and engaging way of watching and voting favored book trailers as well as stream live events.  

As the teams developed the app, they really enjoyed developing all the useful features, that started from a great festival idea to developing a solution with dedication to overcome any challenges in order to deliver pleasant user experience, in a relatively short time frame. With a commitment to ensuring the solution was upheld to Cognizant Softvision standards, the team set out to ensure that any future improvements of the application, like signing-up for contests or uploading the creations for the book trailers contests, could evolve. 

“This project fit like a glove in terms of the creativity, inspiration, drive and expertise for both users and our company. We’re always looking to expand our efforts to support not only reading technical and non-technical books, and articles, we’re also fans of movies – and this event app combines both books and movies in a very inspirational way for students. The same goes for our communities, we’re always interested in creating context for creativity among our colleagues in our projects, but also in pushing the boundaries within our internal research and development (R&D) projects. The opportunity to work on this app is a good example given the mission of this educational project and what the ultimate goal was,” said Alin Turcu, Mobile & Ai Community Manager at Cognizant Softvision. 

A book-trailer competition for students, team builder for Cognizant Softvision

When Alin said yes to this initiative, a team of five developers from the Android community and five developers from the iOS community jumped into developing the app helping to make students’ projects more attractive and engaging. But it was also an opportunity to connect as a team working together on a fun R&D project during the midst of a worldwide pandemic. The team adapted to the course and supported each other every step of the way. Here you can download the apps from App Store and Google Play

The team included various Community experts including, iOS experts, Andreea Muresan, Adrian Dorin Ispas, Joo Norbert, Adrian Pop, Alexandru Stegaru, Georgiana Stefan; Vlad Badea, Android experts, Anuta Logigan, Florin Tite, Ionut Faur, Adriana Georgiana Maries, Alexandru Ionut Les, Bogdan Herput; QA experts Cecilia Deaj, Gego Normia; and UX experts, Adrian Khiriac and Leon Leonard.   

The largest mobile community in Romania

Building solutions together, in an environment that encourages innovation allowed for this app to be built. What started out as client work evolved into a separate idea, which spurred into an innovative app that the client is taking to market. App development plays a key role into the evolution of Cognizant Softvision, and as the largest mobile community in Romania, it’s exciting to watch innovation flourish amongst the team.  Learn more about app development from the Mobile & AI Community Manager at Cognizant Softvision, Alin Turcu, in his latest article, Mobile app development post COVID-19 recently published by App Developer Magazine.

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