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Insights from Our Experts: Mati Baldi

Get to Know Cognizant Softvision’s Leaders and Experts

With 25 Studios across 10 countries, Cognizant Softvision is home to countless individuals with a wide range of expertise. In this series, we sit down with our experts to get to know them better, pick their brains and gain some insights.

In this edition, we talk with Matias Baldi, .Net Community Manager in our Buenos Aires Studio.


Mati with famous Argentinian chef, Osvaldo Gross

What was your first job?
I started working as a researcher for LIFIA in University of La Plata

What do you like to do in your free time?
I usually cook, watch TV, listen to music, get together for dinner with friends and in winter, if I can, I practice snowboarding.

Any upcoming travel plans?
For this year, I will travel to Europe with my family.

What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever had?
Halloween began to be celebrated in Argentina when I was already big, but I would definitely have chosen the Harry Potter costume.

What’s your hidden talent/super power?
I play the piano and have practiced taekwondo for 20 years.

If you had to eat one food for every meal, what would you eat?
Rib eye steak.


What’s your role at Cognizant Softvision?
I’m the Community Manager for .net technology in the Buenos Aires Studio.

Describe a day-in-the-life at work.
I reach the office, prepare my mate tea, check my emails, and start with the programmed tasks for the day. There are days that we have unprogrammed meetings to discuss about some new ideas.

What are some ways you support and motivate your team?
I usually work with them, I try to help in whatever they need. I am part of the team, trying to improve things every day and the problems that arise are solved as soon as possible and always leave us a teaching. I try to discover what they are interested in and what motivates them and achieve it so that they feel that they have all the support of the company through my role.

What do you find the most rewarding about working at Cognizant Softvision?
We have a lot to do, and that is an excellent challenge. New things are presented on a daily basis and solving them depends on teamwork and the capacity that each one contributes to it. I think it is a learning and a constant challenge and that is the most attractive thing about work

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