Cognizant Softvision at the Innovation Summit

Ines Casares, VP of Global Delivery Strategy, talked about what “being digital” means

Buenos Aires, October 30 – Today’s business world demands that companies change their way of operating and doing business. For this reason, local managers and CEOs for Argentina’s leading companies attended the 2019 edition of the Innovation Summit, to discuss and share good practices on this topic. The event was organized by El Cronista, an Argentinian newspaper specialized in financial, economical and business news, and welcomed over 200 participants.

Cognizant Softvision was part of the event as our VP of Global Delivery Strategy, Ines Casares, joined the stage to give her point of view on what being digital means.

Ines’ presentation focused on giving a practical approach to succeed in a digitalization journey. She also presented Cognizant Softvision, and shared some examples of the work the company has done so far. One of the key takeaways of the presentation was giving tips on how to form a successful partnership relationship: “Your partner has to help you transform not only your business, but your culture”, explained Ines.

After, she spoke about the key role of agility in a digital transformation process and shared a simple but powerful piece of advice with the audience: “Fail fast, fail cheap”. Ines views on digital transformations are further explored in Cognizant Softvision’s latest book “Transforming While Performing”.








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