Innovation Challenges & Solutions with The Current Global CTO

Our Interview with Scott Emmons at SXSW 2019

At SXSW 2019, we spoke with Scott Emmons, CTO at The Current Global, an innovation consultancy. The Current Global works with brands to extend their innovation teams, help them with strategy, and identify problems they would like to solve with innovation. During our interview, Scott reveals the biggest challenges clients come to them with and shares how they can overcome those problems.

What challenges do clients come to them with as far as adopting innovation into their company?
Scott reveals that the main problems they see across all industries are budgets for innovation, speed to execution and general politics getting in the way. While innovation is widely recognized as necessary, the processes that enable it still need help.

How do we get past those challenges?
The Current Global brings a diverse group to the problem, including teams who focus on strategy and research, trends and identifying data to back up what the right solution is. They also have their “visionary” CEO and founder who “brings the big ideas to the table,” and Scott himself who finds the right tech to get the job done.

How would you define innovation?
“It’s an overused word… You need to look at problems that you and your customers are facing and think about new ways to go out and provide the solution.”

While innovation is nothing new, Scott also discusses what makes it so complex.
“Now what we have is this rapid pace of new technology…and that’s what makes it complex…a great way of solving the problem last week all the sudden is out of date.”

What tech trends in last year or two do you think are driving retail change today?
According to Scott, the amount of data that companies have at their disposal today is overwhelming. Any and all technologies that help to mine that data is important, and that’s what many retailers are focusing on.

“How do we use that data so that we can essentially read your mind and understand what it is you want, when you want, where you want it? Which is what retail is all about. Retailers want to be ready when you are to deliver the goods.”

To watch the full video interview, click here.


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