Innovation by Design in the Retail Environment

An In-Store Customer Satisfaction Solution Developed by Softvisioners

Cognizant Softvision is proud to have the brightest minds on our team who love to find innovative solutions to tech problems. In 2018, we challenged our Softvisioners to dream up new experiences and technology that could have a positive impact on their client’s business with the first annual Pod Challenge.

Hundreds of Softvisioners from around the world participated in the contest, putting their heads together to brainstorm for new ideas for our customers. The teams were made up of Pods, or carefully selected experts of combined disciplines from our Guilds.

Over 110 innovative ideas poured in during the 2018 Pod Challenge. Thirteen teams with the best ideas were selected to pitch their concepts to Softvision leaders. From there, the top three teams moved on to the final phase of the competition and toward the possibility of making their ideas come to life.

…And the Winners Are

The final winners of our Pod Challenge were divided into three categories: best in product insight (for which we had two winners – Online-POS Integration and the Intelligent Assortment Optimizer), overall big picture and business insight. Our “business insight” winning team developed a thorough, detailed concept directly relevant to a business problem that their customer was facing.

Teammates Michelle Harjani & Meichi Ng realized that customers today expect a seamless in-store purchase and return experience. However, these consumers are often deterred by time-consuming lines and returns. In fact, 75% of retailers report losing customers due to wait-related issues, such as checkout lines and taking too long to find items.

The team set out to develop a concept that would make in-store purchasing and returning more efficient. After brainstorming and researching, Michelle and Meichi created the concept of Scan-to-Pay/Scan-to-Return. The Scan-to-Pay is a mobile app feature that would allow customers to easily purchase products in-store by scanning the product barcode from the app to purchase directly from their device. Scan-to-Return is a process that would allow customers to seamlessly return products in-store by scanning their product and dropping off the item. Scan-to-Pay would also enable retailers to collect data on customers and upsell with customized offers.

With innovative technology like Scan-to-Pay and Scan-to-Return, retailers could reduce customer risk and improve customer satisfaction, leading to increased future purchases. Through Scan-to-Pay and Scan-to-Return, brick and mortar retailers could build a successful buyer-seller relationship and maintain a competitive advantage in the retail environment.

Softvision’s Pod Challenge “business insight” winners Michelle Harjani & Meichi Ng hope to see their concept come to life and look forward to the positive impact this technology could have on their retail clients. Congratulations!

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