Increasing Security and Scalability by Moving to the Cloud

Cognizant Softvision Migrated a Massive Program Quickly and Efficiently


A Big Four Firm needed our help migrating their massively complex ACA compliance application to the cloud.

The system was not written to be cloud ready and required a more secure data footprint. The challenge was to navigate the existing code without any major rewrites, to avoid client disruption and achieve accurate compliance reporting.


Cognizant Softvision came in to turn the situation around and fix the outdated platform. We migrated the app and data services onto a leading public cloud.

Through a robust customized test solution, we were also able find areas requiring low refactoring that would create efficiencies for the cloud, without having to start from scratch.


In months, not years, we were able to scale the application while meeting all of the security requirements required for ACA compliance. By doing that we allowed the platform to grow with the tax practice sales demand.

We managed to move the client to the cloud with minimal cost, while gaining efficiencies in maintainability, security and scalability.