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Cognizant Softvision’s Head of Eastern Europe & Romania Country Manager highlights talent challenges in live interview with Ziarul Financiar

Mihai Constandis, Cognizant Softvision’s Head of Eastern Europe and Romania Country Manager recently sat down for a live interview with Sorin Pislaru, editor-in-chief of Romanian publication, Ziarul Financiar to discuss hiring in the tech industry. 

During the interview, Mihai shared his thoughts on the impact to the local IT industry over the past few years.

The last few years have shown us how important flexibility is. And the IT industry is a privileged sector that has been able to easily adapt,” he said.

Cognizant Softvision was able to adapt very well to the changes brought on by the pandemic, according to Mihai. But how exactly did Cognizant Softvision adjust so well to the “new normal?” Mihai revealed that being a true partner with clients, as well as helping Softvisioners develop, grow and connect with their colleagues was a main focus.

We focused on being a partner for our clients, not only helping them get through the pandemic challenges, but also enabling them to provide valuable experiences to their end-users. We aim to be a place where engineers can connect with each other, where they can help each other develop their skills, and build a career in IT. We noticed, once again, that the most important elements for our engineers are that they can discover a purpose in their work, while learning and applying the technology they are passionate about and then use their expertise to transform peoples’ everyday lives.”

During the ZF interview, Mihai also shared that the company has hired over 1,000 new employees in the past year. Sorin asked how Cognizant Softvision has been able to grow so quickly. To this, Mihai replied that innovation is one of the company’s major strengths.

“Innovation…it’s in our DNA…it has helped us to become who we are today,” he said.

Mihai continued, discussing the company’s offerings to clients and employees alike. “We are a brand of product engineering. We offer services, expertise in creating new products and digital experiences. The market is evolving toward more demand for digital experiences that can be created together with a tech partner. And we have managed to keep these two elements in balance, to bring people who believe in what they can develop, while they can build a career here. Even with global turnover impacting our industry, our culture and value proposition for employees are solid. We are a place where people can grow.”

Watch the full interview in Romanian here. Read the news in Romanian here

About Cognizant Softvision Romania

In Romania, Cognizant Softvision recruits nationally, and has a network of studios in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timișoara, and Baia Mare. The organization emphasizes the importance of talent development, offering a great career path to the professionals, along with a flexible operations framework, studio eXperience and a strong culture, to differentiate itself after 23+ years in the local market.