Helping Highschool Students Choose their Path

Twenty teens keen on technology participated in an online talk led by Lead Designer, Sebastián Rial, who shared his professional experiences and thoughts on the digital market

On June 26th, 2020 Cognizant Softvision’s Lead Designer, Sebastián Rial gave an online talk to 20 highschool students from Marín College, a school located in San Isidro, Argentina, just 30 minutes away from the Cognizant Softvision Buenos Aires studio. 

Sebastián’s presentation focused on his professional career in Argentina and Spain and how user experience adds value to products and services. The Zoom call was scheduled for 20 minutes, but the interest of the future graduates was so high that they remained connected for two hours.

Sebastián’s enthusiasm undoubtedly had an impact on the success of the event. “Ever since I was invited to tell my story, I was delighted to participate. We talked about my vision of the market and the possibilities offered by designing products that impact society, including familiar examples like WhatsApp, Tik Tok or YouTube, their features, monetization models and benchmarking,” says Sebastián.

Sebastián also liked the possibility of helping young people choose a future at such a transitional time in their lives, as many are preparing to graduate from high school. “The students asked me what they should study in order to be able to design products,” he adds.

The interactive discussion with the teenagers resulted in Sebastián revealing his professional decisions to maintain a constantly changing profile in a highly competitive environment, as well as sharing his teaching experience and current training options.

For Elizabeth Borgarucci, an advisor at Marín College, the event was a success. “The students previously enjoyed talks with a journalist and media talent and after that they asked us to organize a third event focused on marketing, design, and advertising. Beyond the content of the talk, Sebastián’s oratory and dynamism quickly captured the attention of students and the teaching and management teams,” she concluded.

Sebastián, the students, and Marín College staff all thoroughly enjoyed their experience and feel that they connected. But, by far the greatest outcome was the positive impact on the students, as they left the talk having discovered the many options available to them in the professional tech field.

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