Helping a Big Four Firm Collaborate With Its Clients 24/7

Cognizant Softvision Went Fast Forward to Create Real Client Engagement and Collaboration Around the World


A major accounting firm was lagging behind its competitors when it came to digital client engagement. They needed a new way to connect with thousands of clients around the world and to streamline the sharing of information more efficiently.

Cognizant Softvision was asked to accelerate the accounting firm’s client relationship through a collaboration portal using the latest technology. One seamless solution that could help clients review documents easily, manage engagement status, communicate with tax consultants, and exchange
data securely.


We worked with key members of the company to prioritize the features that were used most widely by their teams around the world. Using the insights we gathered, we were able to create a superior user experience for both tax employees and their clients.

In a few short months, we created an intuitive collaboration portal through which all users could review status reports, track timelines and milestones, provide feedback, assign tasks and much more.


Now used by thousands of customers around the world, this innovative digital asset has proven to be a revolutionary platform for collaboration.

With real-time data access and visibility, users can now easily and seamlessly manage risk, improve efficiency and provide critical insights to better their business.