Helping a Big Four Firm Build an Innovative Tax R&D Credit Platform

Built from the Ground Up, A Tax R Credit Platform Enabled Market Expansion Opportunities and New Revenue Streams for the Firm


Our client needed help building a completely new platform for the set-up and management of Tax R&D Credit engagements.

The platform needed to account for the wide range of surveys and corresponding customizations their customers needed. Plus, the reporting needed to provide advanced analytics and actionable insights to drive new Tax R&D consulting opportunities.


Cognizant Softvision partnered with the firm across several phases of the delivery. We built an entirely new platform from scratch and then followed through, expanding their survey, reporting and authentication capabilities. Our software solution allowed the firm’s associates to more quickly turn around work for their clients and allowed the firm to retire their outdated legacy platform. It helped reduced the time it once took to review and validate documents, and immediately showed an increase in accuracy and efficiency.


Our client was first to market with an all-inclusive suite of customizable services. By allowing the them to facilitate Tax R&D engagements of any size or type, it opened up new opportunities for them to expand their market and increase revenue.

Previously untapped markets were now viable through technology automation, creating additional revenue streams outside of typical client bases.