Achieving new business and revenue growth with Cognizant Softvision

Cognizant Softvision’s partner, a California based healthcare financial tech company with an established presence in the financial transaction management services, needed a solution that would seamlessly integrate it’s suite of services with a potential new clients’ software.

Our client specializes in payment security for healthcare companies. Their cloud-based platform is integrated into leading EHRs, practice management systems, and revenue-cycle management applications throughout the healthcare industry, focusing on the facilitation of patient payments. 


  • Headquartered in California
  • Ensures highest standard of data security 
  • Reduces PCI compliance requirements for healthcare organizations


The company, known for it’s simplified integration and ability to accelerate time-to-market was on the brink of securing one of it’s largest clients to date – a leading company in healthcare information technology. In order to achieve this, all of their departments would need to collaborate and define a strategy that would allow for the integration of the customer’s software with the client’s payment solution. 


The Cognizant Softvision team had been working with the client for over five years, implementing a web-based application that allows healthcare organizations to collect and store patient data in order to process payments as well as provide reconciliation reports of payment transaction history. When our client began finalizing their partnership with what would be their largest customer to date, the Cognizant Softvision team began to immediately define and identify — alongside the client’s product owner and senior engineers — all the necessary changes that would need to be performed for the integration.  

For over two weeks, daily meetings in which the team outlined, defined and refined the requirements for each major feature were held. Additionally, the team created Products Requirements Documents (PRD) for each new feature. The senior developers worked closely with the product engineers to revise and create use cases to identify any potential issues. 

Due to the client’s own desired timeframe, which was based on their potential customer’s desired date of implementation, the Cognizant Softvision team worked to come up with a solution – implementing Ruby on Rails for the back-end changes and Angular for the front-end changes. In an effort to maintain the highest quality of standards, the QA team and other aspects of the team worked concurrently – parallelizing the features as much as possible between the team members and allowing for continual updating and testing due to the time restraints.  

Using our agile development process, we pulled in the right experts from our Guilds to build a high-performing team called a Pod, that would enable a quick delivery and go-to-market solution. 

To ensure our engineered outcome is a cohesive, unified platform our product and design teams are held to the same KPIs, measuring on velocity, quality, product impact, and autonomy allowing for a seamless transition upon rollout. 

Each Guild is a world-class community of expert talent in an area of expertise. For this client, the following Guilds are leading to the delivery of success: 


Since showcasing their ability to integrate into the potential customer’s software – the client officially brought on the potential customer as a client, increasing revenue exponentially. Additionally, the client expects an increase in growth for new business developments. Since the solution is now live and available for other future clients, our client expects that the potential to attract new customers will continue to increase as well, as it will be easier to showcase the solution is used by one of the leading companies in the healthcare industry.  

The Cognizant Softvision is currently working on strengthening the solution to achieve 99.9% availability and looks forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with the client. 

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