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Guild Masters, Community Managers and Technical Directors Gather at Guild Summit 2019

An inside look at the first guild conference at Cognizant Softvision

Hudson Yards, NY – November 20, 2019 – Over 100 guild masters, community managers, and technical directors from Cognizant Softvision and Cognizant Digital Business descended upon the Hudson Yards New York studio for the first annual Guild Summit, an internal conference designed specifically for attendees to create meaningful connections, share the state of the art and outline technology strategy for 2020.

With a jam packed agenda set over the course of a day and a half, attendees were welcomed by TedEx presenters, improv extraordinaries and business leaders, Brad Robertson and Shelley Darcy from On Your Feet, an improvisational theater and experiential method company that helps companies like Disney, Netflix and Nike create and communicate while having a good time. The two emcees not only kicked off the event, but ensured that attendees were on schedule and able to connect with one another in a way that was meaningful and engaging. In an opening ice breaker to remember, attendees were thrust into teams based on what attire they were wearing, or what their favorite hobby was in New York besides working — a refreshing pace from the standard introductions.

After the welcome, attendees got straight to work, forming collaborative groups to share their experiences and knowledge acquired since working at Cognizant Softvision. Ines Casares, VP of Delivery Strategy, was the first to take the stage highlighting why Guild Summit exists – to celebrate and spotlight technical mastery and focus on discovering the concrete value that guilds, communities and technical directors bring to the growth of our digital engineering business. Then, each guild had its moment on stage and shared their #proudof2019 moments, how trends in their field that they are ready for and even a theme song that represents them. We had some good performances!

Next Alejandra Sosa, VP of Operations, and Pedro Laplaza, UX designer responsible for the product, presented Game of Pods, Cognizant Softvision first gamification platform designed to inspire, motivate and encourage individual talents, and help teams improve their delivery process. Attendees left the session excited, eager to be part of this promising program!

The rest of the agenda was designed for a more collaborative opportunity for attendees to connect. Guild Masters like Shaun Walker and Community Managers like Bogdan Pupeza presented on what exactly their role is and how, again, they can add value to our clients.  Bret Cunninghan, SVP of Sales & Solutions and Marketing, delivered a powerful presentation on sales enablement talking about how we can continue to bring out value in the transformational partnerships with our clients.

The Cognizant Softvision Guild Masters, Community Leads and Technical Directors all play a vital role in the delivery of solutions to the clients. Each one bringing forth a specific set of skills and expertise designed to add to the successful delivery of client projects. 

As Andres Angelani, Cognizant Softvision CEO concluded at the end of the Summit, without the attendees at Summit – the experts – the Cognizant Softvision methodology would look much different. He was thrilled to bring everyone together at the Summit and appreciates each role deeply for what they contribute.  

The outlet the Guild Summit provided was one that most corporations don’t often get to see. A chance for attendees to hear why Cognizant Softvision is successful, a chance to connect with someone they may not have known the day before, and an opportunity to brainstorm on how to continue the path of success Cognizant Softvision is on. 

With over 25 different countries and cities being represented from around the world at the event, it was important to ensure that meaningful connections were made, but that knowledge was shared and Guild Summit did just that. Internal conferences often look long and drab, but Guild Summit was less about completing agendas and more about making connections with the very people that help Cognizant Softvision solutions get delivered with great success. 

And, to that point, it was a very successful first annual Guild Summit.

We are looking forward to next year! 


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