Go Beyond with Programmers’ Week 2021

The annual event returns September 13-17 & 20 with an exciting lineup

Each year, as summer begins to wind down for the Northern Hemisphere, and schools begin ramping up, we’re in full-on planning mode for our largest technical event of the year, Programmers’ Week. Programmers’ Week is our week-long event dedicated to the brilliant minds that help drive our software product engineering expertise forward – developers and software experts.  

Stemming from the proclaimed, International Programmers’ Day, a one-day event dedicated to recognizing the efforts of developers and software experts worldwide, Programmers’ Week is our opportunity to Go Beyond expectations and honor the experts for a week. 

Yes, Programmers’ Week 2021 attendees, get ready to Go Beyond. 

Go Beyond at Programmers’ Week 2021 

What exactly does Go Beyond mean? It means, if there’s an expectation, scrap it. Programmers’ Week 2021, will be our biggest event to date, giving attendees the opportunity to dig in, go beyond their own beliefs and skill sets for an enriching experience that only the minds at Cognizant Softvision could’ve dreamed up. Set on the same virtual platform as last year’s Programmers’ Week, our celebration will include the opportunity to share knowledge, to absorb invaluable insights and aspire to grow bigger, both personally and professionally. 

There will be the beloved Tech Talks – discussions from the experts themselves as they talk about trends, how-tos, technologies, and other professional development hot topics. We’re slated to have over 100+ external talks so the public can get a sneak peek into the brilliant minds of our experts. But, equally as exciting is that these 100+ talks will be featured throughout the first five days of the event, within specially curated days that have been categorized by areas of interest. 

  • Monday, September 13 – Cloud
  • Tuesday, September 14 – DevOps, QA, QE
  • Wednesday, September 15 – Java & .NET
  • Thursday, September 16 – Web & Mobile
  • Friday, September 17 – Analytics, Big Data, AI/ML

Also on the agenda are the incomparable keynotes, aptly named 256 Keynotes, (a nod to the 256th day of the year in which Programmers’ Day is celebrated) sharing industry and organizational insights, and encouraging words of wisdom and new ideas. Headlining the event will be Space Exploration Engineer, Nagin Cox, who will talk about the importance of ‘going beyond,’ overcoming obstacles and the best way to respond when things don’t go as planned. 

Product Day

All the things you’ve come to expect and love about Programmers’ Week are returning, but this year, we’re testing our own limits and choosing to Go Beyond with an all new day of programming – Product Day. On Monday, September 20th, attendees will get an entire day dedicated to learning about all things product and what that means for Cognizant Softvision. Attendees will get to explore, alongside both internal and external experts how products and a product mindset help to shape the world of software product engineering. 

Programmers’ Week 2021 – something for everyone

Last year’s event was wildly successful – we hosted our biggest event to date – with over 130 Tech Talks, 2 keynote speakers and thousands of attendees gathering to explore the many offerings of Programmers’ Week. This year, alongside the many speakers, inspiring keynotes and even special guests, it’s shaping up to be our best yet.  

Attendees will: 

  • Get the opportunity to get inspired and motivated by colleagues and industry thought leaders to help with professional career growth 
  • Explore the ins and outs of the technology industry – absorbing invaluable insights like emerging trends, how-to sessions of specific technologies, soft-skill showcases like the power of mentorship or ways to be Agile. 
  • Feel empowered to kick off a new project – with real-life examples and experiences that help to provide a roadmap 
  • Network and connect with like-minded individuals and influencers
  • Immerse into engaging, interactive sessions for the largest technical conference in Romania 

Everything about this year will be bigger, bolder and beyond our wildest expectations. Are you ready to Go Beyond? Register today! 

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