Fundamentals of Continuity: Communication

A look inside one of Cognizant Softvision's key areas to successful delivery

The effects of the COVID-19 crisis are far-reaching, having a large influence not only on our personal lives, but impacting every industry, sector, and business. Businesses around the world are now facing a shared new reality of having fully distributed teams, leading many to question how they will work as effectively as when they’re in-person, posing one big question: Can the effectiveness of face-to-face communication translate virtually? 

Functioning effectively in a fully distributed environment doesn’t just mean getting accustomed to conference calls and time management. There’s so much more to consider. At Cognizant Softvision, we take a full-spectrum approach, and during the two decades in which we’ve been working virtually, we’ve finely tuned our systems and standardized four key fundamentals of continuity– community, engagement, security, and, of course, communication.

Communication is perhaps one of the most important elements of a successful virtual team environment, but it doesn’t come without its unique challenges. Challenges such as:

  • How to ensure great collaboration among distributed team members
  • How to keep up or even help improve strong connections when team members aren’t in the same space
  • How to maintain motivation to collaborate

Our teams understand that the backbone of any digital project delivery begins with effective communication and follow ceremonial protocols that keep communication on track. These protocols are built into our daily operations in conjunction with software and tools, actual work and focus time, meeting efficiency, and workflow.

After 20+ years of experience with successful remote teams, we can confidently say that Cognizant Softvision Virtual Pods enjoy face-to-face level collaboration across our global network of studios. It’s one of the reasons why clients come to us, knowing they can expect exceptional digital offerings, delivered from anywhere in the world.

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