From Trainees to Softvisioners: New Colleagues Share their Thoughts

Java Pre-Employment Training for Women in Romania

Our Studio in Cluj-Napoca recently completed a Java Pre-Employment Training Program for women looking to start a career in Java. The program provided realistic examples for trainees in an open, enriching atmosphere. After four weeks of intense and challenging training, six women were welcomed to the Softvision team!

Now that they’ve become Softvisioners, what are their thoughts?

Andreea A.

“I want to learn a lot from the people I will work with and demonstrate that anything is possible if you are ambitious and ready to learn. I think Softvision offers a good place for personal and career development. I also like the fact that you can gain a lot of knowledge here and the colleagues are supportive. I feel like home and I come to the office with pleasure.”

Andreea G.

“I believe that best part of working in here is also related to people and to the chances of growth that we are exposed to. It is really a great working environment, where you know you can go and ask for help or guidance from a more experienced colleague.”


“The Java Pre-Employment Training Program” is a nice way to start your career, especially if you know the basics of programming and I think it will help you improve your knowledge. I enjoy working in Softvision because the girls from the Java-Pre-employment Training are very nice and it made it easy working and socializing with them.”


“I like working with Softvision because the people here are very friendly and I come to work with enthusiasm.”


“My favorite part [of this experience] is that I had the opportunity to work with people with experience in this domain and I had mentors from whom I had something to learn every day. I plan to learn new things every single day and evolve as fast as I can to be able to help on a project.”


“If you want to join this program, you need to be sure that you want to learn more things because this is a very good opportunity to do this.”

We are truly proud of each and every one of our new Softvisioners. Through hard work and dedication, they have not only met, but exceeded their potential. The future is full of opportunities for them, and we look forward to seeing them continue to learn and grow.

Thank you to our colleagues who trained them during the pre-employment program and who continue to help tutor and guide them.

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