Oct 8, 2019 · by Ignacio Costantini and Emanuel Flores

First Steps in Leadership

Emanuel Flores and Ignacio Costantini's Personal Experience

When it comes to leadership, we can’t tell you a prescription on how to  be the best leader in the world since everyone should experience their own path. We’ve highlighted five important aspects of leadership based on our experiences so far, while also highlighting common issues and fears.

First Emotions

At first, we were really scared to become leaders as it was something new to us. More responsibilities on a new scale, new tasks, and perhaps we needed more soft skills than we currently had. But on the other hand, we felt very happy and enthusiastic. It was a great opportunity for our careers and personal development. After being in the position we were in, we’re firm believers that no one can be 100% prepared for these kind of opportunities when they appear, but the first question we should ask ourselves is “Why not?” We believe that everything is achievable with hard work and effort. 

Concerns and Worries

  • Internal. When we were first identified as leaders, we were anxious to meet the people that we were supposed to manage and coach because we didn’t know how they worked, or if we could get along. We were nervous that they’d think we would have all the answers to everything they had questions about. So, we began to question internally, would we know everything about all the subjects? But, who knows everything? Nobody is an expert in absolutely all aspects of a job. We are human beings, investigating, making mistakes and learning from them — all of which is  a part of our nature.
  • External. We were really nervous about the idea that we wouldn’t be able to make ourselves understood to the clients and the notion of “messing up” scared us a lot. Don’t worry though, one way or another, you can make yourself understood. People are going to understand you or they will find a way to offer you help.

Ask for Help 

If you’re stuck on something, or you don’t know what to do don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Alternatively, don’t forget to offer help to someone who needs it. Once you accept that you need assistance, you will see that there are people who are eager to assist.

Learn from Experience

Learn from your teammates, your colleagues and your mistakes. Learn from everything you can and use your new found knowledge!

Attitude and Confidence!

Trust in your teammates so they will trust you, but especially trust yourself!

So go ahead and give yourself the chance to break out of your comfort zone. Take chances and overcome fears. Make mistakes, learn from them and become an excellent leader!


About this presentation

On September 2019, Cognizant Softvision celebrated the 5th edition of Programmers’ Week, a global event where more than 140 speakers delivered technical-talks from Argentina, US, Canada, India, Ukraine and Romania. Two of them were Ignacio Costantini and Emanuel Flores, who are based in Buenos Aires and delivered an internal presentation about First Steps in Leadership.


Ignacio Costantini and Emanuel Flores
Ignacio Costantini and Emanuel Flores

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  • Jyothi Jaganath
    Posted at 12:49h, 27 December Reply

    Thank you! This is very useful to me as I recently stepped into the role of a leader.

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