Fire-up your roadmap with a Digital Experience Audit

Walk in the shoes of your customer and create a plan for success

Why do a Digital Experience Audit?

Your customer’s expectations are now extremely high. They want the right service, on every channel whenever they need it, personal to them. You need to be where your customers are – helping them browse on their app for new clothes, asking Alexa for recipe suggestions or chatting with a Facebook messenger bot to organize flights. Whatever your business, digital experience now spans every step of the customer journey. Success requires being aware of how all your channels are performing in concert across lead acquisition and purchase, to ongoing and compelling engagement.

The time is now

According to Adobe, your competition is investing, with an increased investment in personalization technology on mobile of 115% from 2016-17 across industries. With more channels and touchpoints emerging, it is crucial for businesses to reduce friction with their current digital channels and identify new opportunities to get ahead of this competition.

A digital experience audit is a place to start, to discover why conversions and retention are low, how to enhance your offering and plot a path by putting customers at the center of your thinking.

Signs you need a digital experience audit:

  • Disconnected experiences between different channels
  • Negative comments from users on social media, app stores, and call centers
  • Bad reviews in the app store
  • Websites are not optimized for mobile
  • You have digitally native competition
  • Your digital experience is not differentiating your service

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What are the benefits?

A digital experience audit is a holistic approach that takes into account the customer-brand touchpoints across all your channels. The audit applies service design methods, walking in the shoes of your customer and looking at the data to understand their behavior, mapping your customers’ interactions, auditing the experience you have today, and identifying future opportunities to improve how you deliver your service.

The end result is a prioritized roadmap that is targeted to be the most impactful to your business and customer.

Benefits include:

  • Clarity on the goals of your digital business
  • Understanding the lifestyles and needs of your customers
  • Insight into your customer’s current experience and how it compares with the market
  • Understanding your current state, mapping all of your customer touchpoints across channels to understand what works and what doesn’t
  • An understanding of the competitive market
  • A future view of the personalized digital experience that is focused on your customers
  • De-risking investments and making them more impactful

What does it involve?

A holistic audit creates empathy for the customer by putting them at the centre of your thinking and data at the core of your decision making. The end focus is delivering a plan for customer delight and business success.

A typical digital experience audit can include:

  • Business goal setting
  • Analysis of available analytics and customer data
  • UX audit of your digital channels and touchpoint mapping
  • Digital landscape and competitor benchmarking
  • Future view journey mapping
  • Prototyping and user testing
  • Future roadmap prioritization

Getting started

The Digital Experience Audit should be conducted at the beginning of your redesign, your change in strategy or your new endeavor, and it should be seen as the insurance policy to getting the job done right and making any investment more impactful.

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