May 4, 2020 · by Softvision Team

Faces of Virtual Pods: Alex Atomei

A new series dedicated to the many Softvisioners part of our Virtual Pods

With the ongoing effects that COVID-19 has brought to the world, many companies have shifted toward what is now considered “The World’s Largest Work from Home Experiment” and are trying to navigate the journey of a fully distributed workforce. At Cognizant Softvision, this new reality is nothing new to us – we’ve been mastering this for decades. Built on agile distributed team efficiency, crafted to drive positive business outcomes, globally, our Virtual Pods is in our DNA. In this Faces of Virtual Pods series, hear first hand stories and insights from the Virtual Pod members that are delivering and engineering software products – from all over the world. 

“[Because of COVID-19], I was put in a situation where I could not interact face to face with my colleagues and at first it may have seemed a bit annoying, but I’ve decided to take this as a challenge and learn from it, finding the means to improve myself so that when all of this ends I can happily say that I evolved. Being part of a big team where each member has a lot of interaction with each other on a daily basis might be hard to manage, but we have to adapt to this situation and thrive.

We have two teams in Iasi, there is another development team in Baia Mare, a certification team in Baia Mare, a team that is handling the CI/CD pipelines and process in Argentina, the customer’s development teams are also based in Buenos Aires and we’re also collaborating with other teams contracted by our client (in Slovakia, India, Australia or USA). This whole network needs a lot of interaction so the wheels are rolling properly and even if we lost live contact within the teams we can say we were already accustomed to virtual interaction based on the fact that we are working in such a distributed environment.

So all we had to do was to take the lessons learned in the past and quickly apply them in this new context. That’s why we, as a team, came up with new processes, new ways of thinking and new ways of handling each need we met.”

Alex Atomei, Java Developer from the Iasi Studio.


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