Facebook Workplace Recognizes CSV With Customer Service Award

Cognizant Softvision wins in the North America Innovation category for Programmers' Week efforts

Cognizant Softvision has been awarded a Facebook Workplace Customer Service Award for 2020, specially in the North America Innovation category for the Cognizant Softvision team’s efforts in raising awareness, attendance and engagement for Programmers’ Week 2020.

Historically, Programmers’ Week has been celebrated as an in-person event in Romania, starting out as a one-day event five years ago and more recently turning into a week-long celebration with keynote speakers, hands-on tech training and insights and an opportunity to recognize global programmers and the innovation and development they bring to clients around the world. However, with the onset of COVID-19, the event shifted to a completely virtual platform and programming. Recognizing the need to continue previous years momentum, the Cognizant Softvision team utilized Facebook Workplace as the chosen platform for the event, showcasing more than 100 speakers, and 85 Tech Talks across India, Romania, Canada, U.S. and Argentina.

The Facebook Workplace Customer Service Awards was open to organizations across the globe with categories like Remote Working, Frontline Excellence and Workplace Newcomer.

For a full list of winners and categories, click here.


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