Jun 22, 2021 by Softvision Team

Engineering Heroes: Nisha Magnani

Ahmedabad developer shares her #EngineeringHeroes superpowers

June 23rd  is recognized globally as International Women in Engineering Day (INWED). For the second consecutive year, we’re celebrating virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions. To salute our women #EngineeringHeroes and their ability to shape and support the world around them through their work and passions, we’re highlighting Softvisioners from around the globe and tapping into their brilliant minds with a fun get-to-know-you questionnaire. 

Nisha Magnani, a developer from Ahmedabad, India, unlocks her engineering superpowers and shows us the interests that best represent her—engineering and enjoying her outside-of-work passions. Let’s get to know her!

  • What is your engineering origin story? How did you discover that engineering was your calling

– Honestly, it was never pre-planned that I would be a software developer. Since childhood, I was into technology and was always a curious soul. I would ask various development-related questions to elders: how is this built, how does it work, how switches turn on/off the lights, etc. My family observed this interest in computers/gadgets and supported me in giving this profession a try. Since that day, there has been no looking back, and here I am, working for Cognizant Softvision for almost five years now.

  • Nintendo or Sega?

– Undoubtedly, Nintendo for me!

  • What would you consider your engineering-related superpower? What skill do you have that makes you stand out from the crowd?

– I am always referred to as an exceptionally quick and adaptive learner in my quarterly and annual reviews. I can learn things in a short time and implement them quickly. In addition, my in-depth analysis skills have helped my team avoid any future loopholes that the project we are working on might encounter. I also have a super cooperative and flexible nature that helps me be an easily approachable team member.

  • Apple or Microsoft?

– Though I work on Microsoft technologies, Apple is my all-time favorite.

  • If you could have a comic book-inspired superpower, what would it be?

– I believe that being a woman is in itself a superpower and inherently heroic. That said, if I were to choose one comic book-inspired superpower, it would be Wonder Woman’s ability to communicate with animals. I always try to talk to animals in my language, and I think to some extent, they understand it. While we’re at it, I would love to choose a few more of her superpowers – speed, strength, agility, and Amazonian combat training.

  • What excites you about your chosen career?

– I am always thrilled to be learning about new day-to-day technologies. Instead of monotonous work, my field allows me to keep on learning and updating myself.

  • Would you rather fly or be invisible?

– I would prefer flying and being able to see the world from a bird’s aerial view.

  • What’s your biggest passion outside of work?

– This question is a tough one to answer because I love doing many things outside of work. However, if I have to choose one that I do consistently, it would be cooking. I love mixing various ingredients and making something new rather than just reading a recipe and preparing it. Also, I always add a healthy touch to all of the recipes I try to perfect.

  • Beach or Mountains?

– I prefer to visit mountains, especially if they’re overlooking the beach.

  • What piece of advice would you give to girls interested in STEM?

– Follow your dreams, be passionate about them, and never back down. If you fail, don’t beat yourself up; just try again. Always stay confident and diligent. Prove your worth and make your mark in this male-dominated industry. Work hard and also enjoy your life by maintaining an excellent work-life balance. Lastly, what I have learned from my experience is this—don’t bite off more than you can chew.