Embarking on an Exciting Partnership with NetSuite

Changes are coming for Softvisions’ Inventory Planning solution, and we couldn’t be more excited! After years of working with clients using or implementing NetSuite’s #1 cloud based ERP system (for more than 40,000 organizations) we’re taking the plunge and making it official.

In January 2018, our solution will be connected to work seamlessly with NetSuite making it easier than ever for our customers, ensuring they have a highly scalable and flexible cloud based solution for Inventory Planning, Forecasting, Purchasing and Allocation.

Rhian Sugden, Senior Manager, SuiteCloud Developer Network, says, “We look forward to adding Softvision’s Inventory and Planning tool to the SDN programme, to offer NetSuite prospects and customers a solution that is based upon 20+ years of experience in understanding omni channel retail challenges.”

The partnership makes perfect sense given both companies long-term experience in eCommerce, catalog and store retail. We are able to bring the full lifecycle of inventory, from planning to delivery, to help you better manage and optimize your inventory by:

  • Increasing sales with expert Planning, Forecasting, Purchasing & Allocation
  • Improving cash flow through better Inventory Turnover
  • Improving gross margin with better Planning and fewer Markdowns
  • Growing and adapting to new business needs as customer demands change and new selling channels emerge

As always, we will continue to be able to integrate with other ERP systems as well as homegrown systems.

Ray Goodman, VP, Head of Products for the Direct Tech division at Softvision, says, “We are thrilled to bring together our solutions to offer NetSuite prospects and customers a seamless experience to manage their inventory from beginning to end”.

He speaks about the partnership saying that, “NetSuites’ growth is explosive, and our planning and automated forecasting solution adds a ton of value to the package and allows us, jointly, to better serve our customers”.

What this means for both existing and new customers is no wait time or extra spend on integrating the two systems. You can be up and running more quickly and manage your systems with less effort.

So if you have or are considering NetSuite, be sure to ask about how we can help you!

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