DevCon: Machine Learning Experts Take the Stage

George Ochi and Andrei Demit participates in the first edition of a premium event for senior IT professionals in Bucharest

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA, November 12-14, 2019 — Cognizant Softvision was an AI & Machine Learning partner at the first edition of DevCon 2019, an exclusive event where senior IT professionals gathered to share their insights and experiences and connect to the latest trends in technology.

Two Cognizant Softvision industry experts were featured speakers at the three-day event. The first day of the conference was opened by George Ochi, Business Development Manager from the Bucharest Studio, who not only talked about his perspective on AI & Machine Learning in the industry, but also shared a few insights about Cognizant Softvision. Later, .NET Software Developer, Andrei Demit delivered a speech about “Machine Learning at work in the real world,” which revealed his belief in software craftsmanship and how he treats coding like making art.

During his presentation, Andrei pointed out that, when applied to football, Machine Learning can help teams break new records and improve their play by orders of magnitude. “Some people worried about sports betting being hijacked by mass available Machine Learning solutions which could predict football match outcomes, goals, and other kinds of statistics used for betting. However, that will never happen as the betting industry is quite flexible and can always adapt to introduce new procedures. Indeed, it will flourish as it will have to invent new and exciting games,” he explained. 

From his point of view, Machine Learning should be thought of as an enabler instead of an elitist differentiator. “Thanks to the rapid progress being made in this field, services that once were available only to high capital realities, now could be made available to everyone,” he highlighted, and concluded with an optimistic prediction: “Used wisely, Machine Learning will bring new opportunities for everyone and can improve the well being of humanity.”

Attendees at DevCon’s first edition also got the chance to speak with experts at the Cognizant Softvision booth and learn about job opportunities. 

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