Creating a One-Stop-Solution for Client Service Engagement

Cognizant Softvision Reimagined Client Collaboration With A Groundbreaking Global Client Portal


A Big Four Firm needed a global solution for managing client services. They wanted to be first to market with a secure world-wide tax management portal: a client engagement system that could manage all of the stakeholders’ workflow, due-date tracking, and reporting. It needed to be flexible, scalable and built to ingest massive amounts of data in order to provide the client with clear, actionable insights to optimize their tax function.


Cognizant Softvision partnered with the client on the planning, design and implementation of the global portal.

We built an application that could be customized for individual client needs. One that enabled collaboration and security within the exchange of information.

Plus, it integrated with Microsoft Office products for a seamless customer experience.


We helped build an industry leading, customizable platform for our client to leverage with some of the world’s top multinational corporations. And we were able to do it in a few short months, not years.

The product has been used for the past five years, helping teams work seamlessly, grow business and build client loyalty.