Community Vibrancy & Collaboration towards a Digital Journey

.Net and Web Community-An insight on motivation & recognition

In March 2019, the .Net and Web Community in India was awarded Best Community Award for their Exceptional Performance and Dedication in 2018.

This award was in part due to the continuous focus the team presented when helping to develop the community members towards next gen skill levels as well as their outstanding performance on Thought Leadership such as tech talks, Insights articles, proposal contributions, developing reusable components & utilities, and more. 

The team displayed their dedication through skills mapping the entire community, identifying the next gen technologies as per market and customer demand and meticulously planning the upskilling process. Their dedication for  excellence continued. We could reach all levels within and beyond .Net & Web community through roadshows, focused mentoring and timely recognitions of top learners. 

“As a Community Manager I take immense pride in my community members achievements. For me, my Community Leads & Community HR, it was a wonderful moment collecting this award on behalf of our team’s achievement on the Annual Day Night,” highlighted Ashwini Shashikiran

As a gesture of recognizing each member of the community towards this group achievement, Community Leads came together and brainstormed over the best use of the reward through a custom made mobile holder with marker and pen stand that could accommodate all kind of latest smartphones. The product was branded with .Net, Web & Mobile community stickers; a token of appreciation for everyone to cherish forever.

“We arranged an event in October 2019, thanked everyone for being a vibrant lot in community activities like training, tech talks, continuous upskilling process, etc. and for maintaining great quality in their day-to-day deliverables in keeping the customers happy. They have truly lived the spirit of the community and its goals”, added Ashwini Shashikiran

With October being a festival season in India, the mobile holder was awarded to each member in the Mysore studio with a box of sweets for their family. The Bangalore studio community members, who were key to this process of upskilling towards digital skills, also received the gift.  

Cognizant Softvision would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to each member of the community for their hard work and dedication! 

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