Cognizant Softvision Presents Highlights from Our Javascript Course “Augmented Rhythms”

Our web engineers guided students through a JavaScript course that focused on creating a musical experience controlled via webcam

Last year, Andrei Rus and Ionut Pinte, Web Engineers from our Baia Mare studio, organized the Diamond Gatherer JavaScript course, focusing on implementing a browser game in six weeks using JavaScript and WebSockets NodeJS.

This year, they’ve prepared the Augmented Rhythms JavaScript course, along with their colleagues, Sorin Neculae, Alis Andriescu, and Corina Vancea. They are all web developers from our Baia Mare studio.

Augmented Rhythms started on May 6, 2021. The number of registrants steadily increased since it was announced, eventually reaching nearly 100. The JavaScript course focused on creating a music grid that can be controlled using a webcam. The course is meant for those with little to average web development experience and knowledge.

During eight sessions, the trainers discussed JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Git, and other technologies they encountered while creating the music grid. Attendees learned how to structure their code, use external libraries within the code, combine multiple functionalities, and share their code with others using Git and Github. 

The engaging teaching format, interaction, and a focus on learning while having fun helped ensure that the participation rate was very high at each session, leaving both trainers and trainees enjoying the experience.

What do trainers say about the course?


Hello, my name is Ionut Pinte, and I’ve been part of the Cognizant Softvision community since January 2019. My main focus is Full Stack Web Development (Ruby on Rails on backend and React on front-end). The “Augmented Rhythms” webinar was a great experience. Apart from the fact that it took me out of my routine, it also made me feel happy and proud. It is really lovely to share your knowledge with other people in a funny and interactive way, and often I put myself in the participants’ shoes because not long ago, I was at the same level as them. I remember how enthusiastic I was to participate in the courses organized by my colleagues.


Hi, I joined Cognizant Softvision in March 2019 as a Front End Web Developer (with a focus on JS, AngularJS, Angular). The “Augmented Rhythms” webinar experience was a fun one, even if at first I was a little bit nervous about the teaching part (public speaking is not one of my essential qualities…yet). It was nice to help others and share some knowledge while also experimenting with new frameworks/ideas. It was an excellent opportunity for me to learn new things from both my colleagues and the students.


Hey, I’ve been part of Cognizant Softvision since October 2020. My main focus is Frontend Web Development (Angular). The “Augmented Rhythms” webinar was an excellent opportunity to share my knowledge and learn new things from my colleagues and the students who participated. I am glad to experience what it is like to be a teacher, considering that 2020 was the last course where I participated as a student. It wasn’t so hard to be a teacher because this “student/teacher” experience helped me know how to put myself in the students’ shoes and teach them exactly what they need in a friendly way. 


Hello, I joined Softvision in September 2015 as a QA Engineer, and now I’m part of the Web community as a Front-End developer. My focus is orientated to Front-End technologies, but I don’t say no to Back-End technologies. This webinar was an excellent experience for me because it was unique. It was the first time I used the webcam to retrieve data, track gestures, etc., in my favorite programming language, javascript. Also, I liked the fact that we managed to share our experience with possible future colleagues. I’m glad that I was part of this beautiful project.


Hi there, I’m a Web Developer at Cognizant Softvision from February 2020. My skills gravitate around javascript technologies, mostly Angular. My passion for music, AI, and experiments brought me here. With this experience, I’ve fine-tuned my communication, speaking, and teaching skills. I can’t wait to have similar experiences in the future with great projects and ideas. To quote Einstein, “The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Feedback from the trainees

“It was a wonderful experience. I participated with great pleasure, and I learned many new things. I liked how the ideas that the teachers implemented were combined with the explanations of the topics. This helped everyone be up to date and understand all the concepts.” – Adela Popa

“In this course, I learned new and useful notions, which I understood only with the help of the trainers I had.” – Borza Cristina

“I found out from a friend about this webinar, and although I didn’t have much knowledge about JavaScript through topics and how to teach, I managed to learn the notions taught, to learn new things. And, of course, to look for solutions for solving homework. I would recommend it to other people.” – Brinza Octavian

“I have enjoyed taking this course. It was challenging enough without being overwhelming. I have also appreciated how the trainers approached us. They had a very friendly approach. I especially liked the spontaneous moments when we debugged together. I can say that I learned a lot in a short time. I can’t wait for the subsequent courses.” – Noemi