Cognizant Softvision Organizes Biggest Coding Contest in Romania

24 hours of coding and $70,000 worth prizes

Just imagine…it’s 8:00 AM on a Saturday morning in Bucharest. Developers from all over the country are in line at the InterContinental Hotel, 1st floor, waiting to register for the biggest coding contest Bucharest has ever seen. By the start of the event at 9:00, the venue was so crowded that there’s hardly any room left among the tables prepared for coding, each outfitted with many interconnected devices. 

A few days before the event all the registered participants in the competition sent their project on GitHub so the judges and mentors had an idea of what each team was going to develop during the competition. On October 19th and20th, the atmosphere was intense, “in house” coding all day-night long, the show-off time on Sunday, and another intensive, final day that would cover final presentation & demos. The final pitch by each team would only allow for 8 minutes –  5 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for questions from the judging panel. 

We know you have the passion, but do you have the drive? 

We sent out a challenge asking if people had the drive to enter our Dare to Code challenge. Much to our delight, we had over 200 attendees, grouped in 43 teams joined the coding contest!

Each team put in so much effort and we are so appreciative of all the hard work! Congratulations to each team for daring to participate, and we hope it was a great learning experience for everyone involved. 

We’ve highlighted the teams that entered our Coding Contest challenges below. 

The winners

The total value of the prizes was $ 70,000 – the highest prizes ever offered in the history of this type of contest in Romania. The team that developed the best project was rewarded with a prize worth $25,000.

Using the newest technologies, the teams showed how well they’ve mastered coding skills during the coding contest; creating a prototype that met the challenge requirements, in any programming language, during the 24-hour coding contest. During the contest a team of expert mentors covering all the technologies, supported the teams with answers to any questions that popped up and offered their help. 

The judges evaluated the submitted solutions based on the technology used, innovation and originality, solving the challenge, user experience, functioning user interface, design, content clarity and presentation skills.

“It was further confirmed that we are a valuable pool of digital innovation, with some of the best and most passionate design and engineering talents. At Cognizant Softvision, everyone is encouraged every day to take on new challenges in their career, being involved in transformative projects for many industries. Together, we bring innovations in machine learning, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things to create solutions with global impact. We have always been encouraging with innovative mindsets and initiatives, and we’re glad that through this coding contest the opportunity to create revolutionary solutions that use the newest technologies, can ultimately help to improve people’s lives and change the world,” said Lia Apostol, Marketing and PR Manager, Cognizant Softvision Romania.

The big prize, $25.000, was won by a team of students, with the project “DistribDoc.” The technology behind the project is based on Federated Learning, a clever way to train intelligent systems locally in environments where data have a high rate of confidentiality. The next step is to propagate and aggregate the knowledge of each system, obtaining a complete global system. Data never leaves the local environment and the knowledge obtained by the system is totally abstracted from the notion of confidential data. This solution was used to demonstrate, based on a set of radiological images indicating pneumonia, that a possible implementation would be feasible in hospitals and clinics in Romania to improve the capabilities of doctors of providing a faster diagnosis.

The team members are Horia Paul Ion, Tudor Cebere, Ionuț Ursescu, George Muraru and Valentin Mocanu.

“Participating in the coding contest was a great experience for us. We started developing this project after finding out what the category was and the prizes offered is worth. We made the technology specifically for the competition, which was really exciting. It really pushed us outside of our comfort zone and forced us to be creative, to innovate and push beyond our limits. This is the best outcome we could have had and gives us confidence to develop the technology further,” said  Horia Paul Ion, member of team 53, the big winner of Coding Contest 2019.  

Team 30, with the project “Smart Bookstore” – an AR way of interacting with hardcover books” took home $20,000 and second place. This app helps users to find out more details about the book they are interested in, add it to their online basket (either in physical or digital format) and receive recommendations for similar books. The app provides an interactive way to search and buy books from a library’s inventory (physical or online), using AR technology. The team members are Mihaly Nagy, Ioan Vlad, Alexandru Gherghina and Leonard Leon.

Team 14 with the project “Connected Neighbourhood System” took home third place, and $15,000. Their technology facilitates access in private or restricted areas. The application allows the integrated management of a private parking space, an interactive and visual configuration of the on-board equipment for a vehicle and a system of monitoring and intervention in case of urban hazards, using mobile units and sensor networks. The team members are Dan Petrescu, Alin Ciungulescu, Orlando Pîrlog, Cătălin Cimpoeru, Răzvan Petrescu.

The prize for innovation and originality, $5,000went to Team 10, for developing  the project “Autonomous threat tracking and response system for smart cities.”

The $5,000 prize for solving the challenge of the competition was won by Team 22with the project “Configure the interior of a car on a mobile app and then see it in VR.” The team members are Andrei Cristian Turcu, Vlad Marin, Tudor Marin and Alexandru Grigore.

This first edition of the Cognizant Softvision Coding Contest had a great vibe, and we hope it was a great learning experience for all involved – it certainly was for us! 

Thank you everyone for being part of this amazing journey! 

Here’s a video with a sum up of the event:

And also some pics!



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