Cognizant Softvision Featured in El Cronista

The Argentinian newspaper specialized in finance and business news referred to Ines Casares speech at the Innovation Summit

Buenos Aires, November 8Ines Casares, VP of Global Delivery Strategy at Cognizant Softvision was one of the speakers at the Innovation Summit, organized by El Cronista, and her participation was featured in the news.

The event gathered CEOs and other executives of the Argentinian business world who spoke about the changes that technology brings to the companies and the management ecosystem. At the event, Ines highlighted: “We are moving from a service economy to one of experiences, with the client at its centre”. She also emphasized that there needs to be a change in point of view regarding mistakes: “…the challenge is not to eliminate mistakes but to make that process agile, we need to transform mistakes into an opportunity to learn”.

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