Cognizant Softvision Communities: Product Delivery

A deeper look at the Product Delivery community

A community is defined as a body of persons of common, scattered throughout a larger society. At Cognizant Softvision, our communities represent the cultural connective tissue that engages members – focusing on their personal and professional growth. It’s an opportunity for our Softvisioners to have a true sense of belonging and pride amongst other like minded software product engineering experts, fostering innovation and connecting in a way that inspires. Each member of our 14 different communities is nurtured and supported – keeping current with new skills, capabilities and technologies. 

The Cognizant Softvision Product Delivery Community, led by Jeff Suever for our North America studios, Bogdan Ciocanea for our Romania studios and Fijoe Mathew and Anil Balakrishna for our India studios, provides our engineers that are dedicated to product delivery, a place to connect amongst other individuals. With over 220+ community members worldwide, the Product Delivery Community allows members to learn, grow and evolve – sharing learnings from projects and challenging situations. Project managers, delivery managers, community managers and scrum masters are able to gather in a safe space where people can go for support – making performance better and lives easier. Learn more about the Cognizant Softvision Product Delivery Community below! 

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