Enabling Business Agility and Reducing Spend Through Technology-Led Innovation

Cognizant Digital Engineering brings significant experience on digital product management and modernization capabilities to help transform leading energy company


  • One of the largest energy holding companies in the U.S. needed to modernize its existing technology to provide a better customer experience while optimizing spend
  • To keep a competitive edge, the company needed modern cloud infrastructure and Agile practices
  • Cognizant modernized the legacy system and introduced Agile tools and ways of working, sparking a culture of innovation
  • The company saved over $50M in operational and maintenance spend

Providing electricity and natural gas to customers has historically left little time for innovation and prioritizing the customer experience – especially in an industry that comes with deregulations, allowing customers to freely choose which provider to go with. With the many options for electricity providers, companies are transforming their customer experiences and processes in an effort to keep a competitive edge. 

With nearly eight million customers across six U.S. states, one of the largest energy holding companies in the U.S. strategically prioritized a transformative initiative to enable business agility and substantially reduce operational spend through technology-led innovation, process simplification and improving productivity. The company desired to transform its customer experience through new technology and innovation, while modernizing its outdated legacy systems and infrastructure, but needed to do so while continuously optimizing costs. 


The company engaged Cognizant to not only collaboratively build a modern cloud platform that would help digitally transform the company, but enable cross-functional business, operations and technology teams to empower the technology-led innovation. 

As a starting point, each team, alongside Cognizant, outlined an initial set of qualified ideas to achieve the initiative of spend reduction. During this phase, the teams worked closely together using Agile methodologies to rapidly deliver cloud native applications. This experimentation mindset sparked a culture of innovation, empowering the teams to deliver multiple products at scale, while jumpstarting future innovation around achieving reduced overtime costs, enhanced productivity and experience, faster talent acquisition, and improved supply chain visibility. 

In parallel, the Cognizant team worked with developers to modernize the legacy IT platform, using Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) as the cloud native platform. PCF promotes agility, and API-enables the existing landscape, which ensures seamless integration and leverage of past IT investments. 


By modernizing the core technology, the company saw a $50M savings in operational and maintenance spend at a much faster pace than ever before. 

Furthermore, the company has been empowered to rapidly translate qualified ideas into high quality software, allowing room for rapid diversification and growth across newer energy products and services while continuously optimizing the cost to serve. 

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