Building Long Lasting Company-Client Relationships

Softvision Celebrates “Retro Week” with our Client

One of Softvision’s biggest clients out of the Dallas Studio has a five-week agile sprint. At the end of each sprint, the client team and Softvision review the previous four weeks of development and plan for the next sprint during “Retrospective (Retro) Week.”

During this January’s Retro Week, the teams got together at the Blackfriar Pub in uptown Dallas to socialize and just have fun. It was extra exciting and valuable this session as the client representatives joined us as well!

Our informal events during Retro Week are a great way to get to know team members who work in other offices (and sometimes even in the other countries!). The planning that takes place also plays an important role in the work process, but we believe that building long-lasting relationships among the team members and with our clients leads to successful project accomplishments.

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