Apr 25, 2018 · by James Basnett

Blockchain Webinar: Preparing Your Retail Brand

Softvision hosts Blockchain in Retail Webinar

In April 2018, Softvision hosted a webinar on blockchain in retail, featuring Alexandra Moxin, CEO of Cnnect and Brandon Gilchrest, a blockchain architect focusing on security and cryptoeconomics.

Retail is undergoing a heavy evolution as retailers try to adjust to disruptive market forces in ecommerce, customer experience and automation. As retailers look to infuse technology as a core pillar of their brand and their operations, it becomes easier to imagine new systems around blockchain so it’s a great time for retail brands to take a good look at the technology. There’s a growing need for modern applications that connect to distributed databases and although blockchain represents that form of solution you don’t always need it to solve your problems.

In this webinar we cover:
– The state of the technology
– Public vs private blockchains
– Custom builds vs. partner
– Blockchain for loyalty
– Blockchain developers and how to integrate them into your team

Listen to the webinar here.
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