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Cognizant Softvision Technical Director and Enterprise Guildmaster shared his experience presenting Blazor at West Palm Beach and Switzerland.

This past week I had the opportunity to do presentations about Blazor at a number of community events both locally and internationally. This required me to update the slide deck I had presented previously at the DNN Summit 2019 in Denver, Colorado to include the latest information from Microsoft about Blazor, including clarification of the client vs. server hosting models, release schedule, and more technical details about how the technology works under the covers. I also wanted to include some information about Oqtane, a new open source project based on Blazor, and include some context about why I created the project, the technical goals of the original proof of concept, and the reception by the .NET community.

Palm Beach .NET Meetup

The Palm Beach .NET Meetup meeting was hosted on June 4 at our Cognizant Softvision office in West Palm Beach and was attended by some of my Cognizant Softvision colleagues as well as a number of members from the local .NET community. My presentation was primarily focused on Blazor and its underlying technologies. There was a lot of interest in the technology and plenty of active discussion about why Microsoft is interested in offering support for WebAssembly at such an early stage of its evolution. In general, the group seemed to be much more interested in the potential of client-side Blazor and also seemed to be a bit skeptical of the performance and scalability of server-side Blazor. Obviously, there is still three more months before Microsoft ships .NET Core 3 so I am hoping that many of these questions will be addressed before then.

DNN-Connect conference in Switzerland

I also did a presentation at the DNN-Connect conference in Switzerland on June 7. The DNN-Connect Association in Europe has been hosting DNN events for more than 10 years and they always choose a location and venue which allows attendees to really experience the local culture, and this event was no exception. The conference was hosted in the small village of Champéry in the Swiss Alps. There were a lot of excellent presentations and demonstrations by talented members of the DNN community, and I was privileged to be provided a prime time slot in the largest auditorium. I believe the audience was expecting more of a focus on Oqtane ( based on its strong similarities to DNN). However, I felt it was more valuable to focus on educating them about Blazor so that they fully understand this exciting new technology and web development opportunity.

I also reserved some time for a short demonstration of Oqtane at the end of my presentation which seemed to impress the attendees. This led to many valuable one on one discussions over the next two days with a variety of community members where they shared their opinions on Blazor and their preferred path forward for DNN. In addition to attending technical conference sessions, the organizers also offered a variety of fun activities that attendees were able to take advantage of in the early evenings. These included hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, downhill scooters, and paragliding ( although the last item had to be cancelled due to high wind risks ). Overall it was an outstanding event and I deeply appreciated the opportunity to re-connect with the DNN community.

If you are interested in viewing the presentation, you can download from here.

Shaun Walker

Technical Director and Enterprise Guildmaster
Shaun Walker is the original creator of DotNetNuke, a Web Application Framework for ASP.NET which spawned the largest and most successful Open Source community project native to the Microsoft platform. He has 25+ years professional experience in architecting and implementing enterprise software solutions for private and public organizations. Based on his significant community contributions he has been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) as well as an ASPInsider for over 10 consecutive years. He was recognized by Business In Vancouver in 2011 as a leading entrepreneur in their Forty Under 40 business awards, and is currently the Chairman of the Advisory Council for Microsoft's .NET Foundation.

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