May 28, 2018 · by Softvision Team

AI Home: A More Intelligent House

The future of home security technology, developed by Softvisioners Alexandru B., Veronica N. and Adrian V.

At Softvision, we take pride in knowing we have the brightest minds on our team. So, we challenged our experts to dream up experiences and new technology that could have an impact on their client’s business – the Pod Challenge.

The Pod Challenge is Softvision’s annual innovation competition in which teams from all over the globe get together and brainstorm for innovative ideas for our customers, for our own company or for other industries. In this edition we had over 110 innovative ideas pour in. Thirteen teams with the best ideas moved on to pitch their concepts via live global conference and were judged by our executive team and lead sales representatives. From there, the top three teams moved on to the final phase and toward the possibility of making their ideas come to life.

Our Pod Challenge winners represent the best in product insight, business change and overall big picture. Our “Big Picture Award” winners Alexandru B., Veronica N., and Adrian V. set out to find ways to improve home security technology to give their client, a home security company, a competitive advantage. The team saw an opportunity for their client to set themselves apart from the competition, as “right now, every other smart house, vendor, provider do the same things.” They realized that the smart homes of today could actually be capable of doing so much more, so they developed the idea of AI Home.

The concept of AI Home is a machine learning system with “AI” behavior that would gather data for a better understanding of customer needs. AI Home would learn about home security customers’ day-by-day routines, to then use that information to better serve them. For instance, AI Home could notify a client only when important events happen and could suggest and control actions. The system could take care of all the automations around the house via the “take care of things for me” function in the app, but customers would also still have the option to just receive suggestions or to control things themselves.

According to team member Adrian, this technology would take care of everything for the customer, such as setting sprinklers, controlling automatic door locks, garage doors, lights, fans, anything installed in the system. Say, for example, a stay-at-home mother is returning to work, and the family now has a babysitter who comes to the house during part of the day. The family’s entire home automation regimen would have to change Monday through Friday. Instead of manually changing every setting, AI Home would be able to adjust all of the family’s settings according to their new schedule and needs.

AI Home comparison

And AI Home wouldn’t just be for the tech-savvy. Adrian says, “This method would work for absolutely anyone, because you just have to use your devices as you normally would. The system learns everything for you, and in time you have to do less and less.”

The benefits are clear for customers, but AI Home could have a significant positive impact on home security companies’ bottom line. The technology would draw new customers, retain current clients, and as an added client benefit, AI Home would justify an increase in monthly charges.

With nothing else like it out there on the market, AI Home would certainly lead the innovation trend in home security and set Softvision’s home security client far apart from the competition.

Softvision’s Pod Challenge “Big Picture Award” winners Alexandru, Veronica, and Adrian look forward to the possibility of seeing their concept come to life. When asked what they think the “coolest” benefit AI Home would be, Adrian replied “We find everything about the idea cool.”


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