6 Tips When Employing Robotic Process Automation

Expert Insights to Help You in Your RPA Journey

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of non-invasive software that interacts with applications in precisely the same way people do to fill in the gaps between systems currently filled by human workers. RPA liberates time and allows employees to execute higher value activities. It can reduce cost, human errors, and increase compliance and efficiency.

If you’re considering employing RPA in your business, there are several things you and your technology partner should keep in mind during your RPA journey.


1. Don’t be afraid to automate a process that can only be completed partially by a bot
It is not always necessary to develop end-to-end automation for a manual process.  Collaboration between a bot and a worker can create efficiency gains – even if only a portion of the process is automated.


2. Don’t try to automate processes that you are defining at the same time
Bots understand explicit instructions. Make sure you have your requirements, defined tasks, data points, and workflow specifications identified before diving into an automation initiative.

3. Identify the well-defined pieces of a process like building blocks
Leverage sub-bots, sequences of well-defined tasks, as building blocks that can be shared across multiple bots.


4. Decouple capabilities – Design with disposability in mind
Separating capabilities provides the flexibility to make major changes in the middle of a project and reduce vendor lock-in with little disruption.

5. Consider security implications of a robot
A bot runs in the context of a user – likely a user you will create specifically to represent a bot. If you put a bot in charge of doing a task, the bot requires role-based access to the system. If you run multiple bots, they will all need the appropriate access.

6. Don’t be afraid of singles and doubles
Rather than trying to hit a home run by addressing all of the technical capabilities which need extension or replacement, focus on incremental high-value investments employing RPA.

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Robert Wells

Vice President, Strategy
Robert W Wells is a multiple exit entrepreneur and technology executive developing customer-led, digital-centric businesses and digital transformation efforts. With Silicon Valley experience and more than a dozen product & business launches under his belt, he is passionate about bringing innovations to market and managing the teams that bring ideas to life.
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