Raul Rodila

Head of US Studios

Raul Rodila has 20 years of professional experience in architecting, designing and developing custom software systems in multiple domains for enterprises such as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Microsoft, Tyco, Safeway and Tenet Healthcare.
As co-Founder and a Managing Partner of Arrow Digital, and now Sr. Vice President of Cognizant Softvision, Raul creates and manages relationships with enterprise customers and leads large-scale custom digital transformation initiatives automating business processes for logistics and financial processes in the areas of audit, tax, mergers and acquisitions. He has expertise architecting ETL and data extraction, transformation, normalization and data enrichment programs across global financial institutions and healthcare systems. Raul has authored articles published on Microsoft’s MSDN, and Arrow Digital sites and is involved in the .NET community speaking at Code Camps and other technology events.
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