Author: Alin


Mobile Community Manager

Alin started his career in Softvision in 2010 with a summer internship and has worked on various mobile Android apps, some iOS apps, as well as the backend side of a few projects. He was involved in all the parts of a mobile project from coding, to solution proposals and also coordination of engineering teams. In the last 3 years, Alin worked on Groupon project and led the largest Android development team in Softvision. Since joining the company he was an active member of Softvision University, held various tech talks both for internal and external events. He also contributed on some open source libraries and the Softvision app uSketch. Alin is a dynamic person, an incurable optimist who never refuses a challenge, he is very passionate about technology, software design, always keeping up to speed with the latest technological trends.

Thought leadership by Alin

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