Assortment Planning

Increase Sales and Gross Margin with Optimal Product Assortments!

The process of selecting the collection of products which will be on offered during a particular time or place is key to retailer success. Managing the end-to-end process of planning and building your product assortments for every sales channel — store, digital, catalog, etc. is complex. Leverage predictive analytics to improve gross margins through timely, localized assortment plans, while improving staff efficiency through automation.


What you can achieve with it

Optimized Assortment

Reduces complexity for your planners by providing a recommendation for optimal product assortment by department, class and store

Flexible Planning

Plan for any time period (season, calandar period) or promotional event with ease

Accurate Financials

Gain visibility to accurate financial information that automatically adjusts with any changes to the assortment (top-down, bottom-up views)

Integrate Purchasing

Increase efficiency with seamless review and creation of purchase order on completion of the assortment

Size and Pack Planning

Our custom algorithms solidify accurate size and pack planning to ensure the highest margin for your products